The Atlantic (USA) has just published an article about food from an economic perspective, advising how to make readers satisfied every time they go out for a meal. In particular, Vietnamese dishes are considered an option that never disappoints diners. The article is “The Principles of an Economist When Eating Out.” The report gives many compelling reasons why we should eat more Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese cuisine cannot be imitated

The cuisine of some Southeast Asian countries is quite popular in the US, but according to Cowen, the original flavor of these dishes is gradually lost and no longer impress diners as much as before. The reason is that these popular restaurants are progressively compromising on ingredients and processing methods, causing the quality of cuisine to decline.

At this time, Vietnamese cuisine began to emerge, later but more brilliantly, and quickly became the dominant highlight of Southeast Asian cuisine in the US. Unlike the cuisine of some other Southeast Asian countries, Vietnamese cuisine has so far not been too popular in the US. For Americans, Vietnamese dishes are still a mystery gradually being discovered.

Faced with the growing demand of the American people for Vietnamese cuisine, more and more shops serving Vietnamese dishes are opening across the United States, owned by people of Vietnamese origin. Vietnamese cuisine is not opposed to the culinary taste of the majority of Americans. Due to the influence of French cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine is becoming more and more popular.

Cowen explains that Vietnamese dishes use too many spices, sauces, herbs, etc., so you must be an authentic Vietnamese and knowledgeable about cooking to be able to process it.

For those who often dine out, author Cowen recommends visiting Vietnamese restaurants often and eating more Vietnamese dishes.

Super small shop but has delicious food

According to Cowen, Vietnamese immigrant eateries are creative havens for “talented” chefs. Who will serve diners strange, delicious, and unique dishes at these restaurants?

If you want to enjoy the authentic cuisine of a particular country right in the US, there is nothing like enjoying the food cooked by the people of that country.

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